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Metrology industry articles by Inspectrology engineers & other relevant papers


Inspectrology engineers have contributed to several groundbreaking metrology articles for publication by leading metrology societies and associates.

Adopting Semiconductor Metrology to Meet the Challenges of MEMS Manufacturing
Micro Magazine article that explores the unique challenges MEMS manufacturers have in extending semiconductor manufacturing technologies to the fabrication of 3-D mechanical devices. The Micro magazine article describes how an optical metrology tool that was originally designed to measure critical dimensions (CDs) and pattern alignment in semiconductor devices was adapted to the unique requirements of ink-jet MEMS manufacturing at the Hewlett-Packard facility in Corvallis, OR. This is a fascinating metrology case study concerning critical dimension measurement and pattern alignment in the semiconductor test industry.

Tighter Process Control and Reduced Cycle Times Using Off-line Recipe Setup
This paper was presented in the Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference and Workshop, 2000 IEEE/SEMI. This article describes how Analog Devices, a world leader in high performance signal processing solutions, implements off-line recipe creation in order to reduce work-in-process cycle time, engineering support time and process measurement error. Process engineers create recipes before the first lot of a new device gets to the factory floor, thus reducing “hot lot” cycle time, and improving process control through better recipe management.



Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International is a trade organization of manufacturers of equipment and materials used in the fabrication of semiconductor devices such as integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, and thyristors. Among other activities, SEMI acts as a clearinghouse for the generation of standards specific to the metrology industry and the generation of long-range plans for the industry.


is an applied research center for microelectronics and for information and healthcare technologies. Providing a unique interface between industry and academic research, it is responsible each year for the development and transfer of innovative technologies in a wide variety of sectors. In addition to Leti’s 1,500 employees, there are more than 250 students involved in research activities, making Leti a mainspring of innovation expertise.


Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers is a non-profit international society for the exchange, collection and dissemination of knowledge in optics, photonics, and imaging engineering. SPIE organizes conferences, courses and exhibitions covering all aspects and applications of optical engineering. SPIE publishes six refereed journals, a member magazine SPIE Professional, the technical news website SPIE Newsroom, as well as conference proceedings and peer-reviewed handbooks, reference books, and tutorials.


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