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IVS 220 Metrology System

Inspectrology’s IVS 220 is manufactured in our Sudbury, Massachusetts USA factory. The IVS 220 is the next generation of the IVS line of work horse of CD and overlay metrology systems. The IVS 220 is the latest generation of the IVS line of CD and overlay metrology systems which started with the IVS 100, IVS 120, IVS 130, IVS 135, IVS 155, IVS 165 and IVS 185 and the IVS 200.

IVS-220 – 75-200 mm White Light Optical CD and Overlay Metrology for Semiconductor, LED and MEMS.

The IVS 220 has been designed for ultimate precision, TIS and throughput. The cornerstone of the IVS 220’s unbeatable reliability and stability is its mean-time between failure (MTBF) of 2100 hours. The IVS 200 series leads the industry, ensuring optimal system availability and years of problem-free operation. The robust design of the wafer handling and navigation system requires no operator assistance during recipe execution. Recipes and data remain stable over time.

Versatile wafer handling accommodates many variations in wafer composition including silicon carbide, quartz, glass, GaAs, GaN, LiNO3, InP and slotted wafers of various sizes. Square substrates are also supported.

The IVS 220 delivers unparalleled measurement performance on all layers with CD and overlay measurements in the same recipe. Specific algorithms for MEMS applications allow for measurement of a wide array of MEMS structures. The proven capabilities of the IVS 200 series to perform with high precision and rock solid reliability set this system apart.

The IVS 220 is completely compatible with the IVS 200 and job plans from the IVS 1xx systems can also be upgraded to the IVS 200 platform.

IVS 200
IVS 200.

The industry standard IVS 200 is offered alongside the new IVS 220 providing options for our customers on performance and price. Please contact Inspectrology for details.

Please contact us for details

IVS Pre-Owned Metrology Systems & Upgrades
Inspectrology is the number one supplier for certified, rebuilt IVS Metrology Systems. In addition, all IVS tools in the field today can be upgraded to the IVS 200.

IVS Metrology Systems are unsurpassed in system reliability. This rock solid reliability is combined with flexibleautomation, high productivity, and of course, accurate repeatable measurements.The engineers who designed the IVS Metrology Systems recondition all of these systems to factory specifications, here in our Massachusetts Headquarters.

Advanced Submicron Metrology requirements are all skillfully fulfilled by IVS Metrology Systems with comprehensive system feature sets, including:
  • CD & overlay measurements in the same recipe
  • Unsurpassed measurement capability on the toughest layers
  • Industry’s best reliability over 1800 hours MTBF guaranteed
  • Adaptive algorithms that adjust to process variations
  • Off-line recipe creation with the Remote Job Generator speed work
  • Proven on copper, STI, and tungsten plug
  • Advanced Structural Metrology Algorithms including CD-Z, CD-Offset, CD-Step, die matrix placement, and adaptive contact
  • Advanced automation with <0.1 degree pre-alignment accuracy
  • MEMS Specific algorithms
  • Lowest cost of ownership

Our engineers employ best practices to completely refurbish and recondition every IVS Metrology System we sell. All systems are upgraded to the IVS 200 specifications as part of our remanufacturing process including the IVS 120, IVS 130, IVS 135, IVS 155, IVS 165 and IVS185. Each system component, including Robots, Prealigners, Microscope Parts, Focus Module, Apertures and Turret are thoroughly inspected and brought up to factory specifications and upgraded to IVS 200 specifications.

Inspectrology Clear Wafer Aligner

[InspectrologyClearWaferAligner] Inspectrology has an exclusive product for SiC, GaN, Quartz, and other clear substrates. This incorporates the IDE SPA-310 pre-aligner, proprietary firmware, and a new imaging source to facilitate alignment of clear wafers, which often present a challenge to existing pre-aligners.